Research staff and HDR students can use Research Data Planner to create research data management plans.

It is a University-wide requirement, where the lead researcher on an externally or internally-funded research projects is a staff member, that a data management plan is created. In addition, HDR students are required to create a plan as a requirement of their Core Component of the Structured Program, with a final version of the plan provided with the final lodgement of the thesis.

Research Data Planner connects with Research Master to draw in existing project information. This means that when you are creating your plan, some of the project information will be pre-filled. If the project information is not in Research Master, a new, blank plan can be created.

Research Data Planner is a web-based service that replaces the old workflow of filling out, printing and scanning a Word template for submission. The online replacement streamlines the process of creating, editing, sharing and saving the plan. Research Data Planner saves the plan into a HPE-CM folder ensuring record keeping requirements are met.