Academic integrity


1The Asia Pacific School of Business advocates an academic ethics and moral culture of integrity and integrity, and has zero tolerance for any fraud or corruption, and will resolutely crack down upon discovery. The Asia Pacific School of Business reporting channel accepts the following reports and disciplinary violation reports:

Corruption, acceptance of bribes or kickbacks, or illegal acceptance of gifts or entertainment; use of power for personal gain; illegal investment, employment in college cooperative partners or suppliers or institutions, etc.; improper related transactions that damage the legitimate rights and interests of the college; disclosure of confidential information of the college Etc.; other violations of laws and regulations.

Report channel:

Contact person: Office of Integrity Affairs1

Chief Inspector: +1-724-3630111

China Education (Academic Integrity) Office: +86-755-28264724
Mandalay Campus (Academic Integrity) Office: +95-989-9668877
Boston Center (Academic Integrity) Office: +1-617-2376677
Hong Kong Campus (Academic Integrity) Office: +852-81915588
United Graduate School (Academic Integrity) Office: +82-42-3910108
New Zealand (Academic Integrity) Office: +64-7-8080888
Japan (Academic Integrity) Liaison Office: +81-5-55395080


The Asia Pacific School of Business reporting channel only accepts reports of integrity (including but not limited to reports of disciplinary violations by teachers). We hope that you report with real names, and the content of the report must be objective and true. We promise to strictly protect the whistleblower and keep the content of the report strictly confidential. For reports that are true, filed for investigation, and concluded, The Asia Pacific School of Business will reward the reporter with a minimum of S$500 and a maximum of 20,000, depending on the impact of the reported incident.


Academic Exposure Platform

Academic Exposure Platform