Study with us and open the door to a range of rewarding career opportunities. Become a part of a community of alumni that includes Nobel Prize winners, pioneering researchers and world-renowned leaders in health. Our research programs are held in high regard, their quality and impact respected by peers and the community.

Why study honours or a higher degree by research?

Studying honours or a higher degree by research can provide you with the skills and experience to pursue different career opportunities, particularly a career in research. Employers recognise that the research ability and broad range of transferable skills which APSB graduates possess equip them well for challenging and diverse roles in industry, government and business, as well as in research and academic organisations. By undertaking a research degree with us, you will be involved in discovery, innovation and cutting-edge research. Our strong focus on addressing global challenges creates a highly stimulating setting for our postgraduate students interested in changing the world.

We have a huge range of research projects listed in the 2020 Research Opportunities Guide.

Honours scholarship opportunities 2020

Please note: To be considered for the below scholarships, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an expression of interest by 30 November (semester 1 start) or July 1 (semester 2 start). All Semester 2 applicants will be ranked with the following years Semester 1 applications.

What is honours?

Honours is a one-year qualification studied as an addition to an undergraduate degree. Completing an honours degree provides an opportunity to investigate an area of interest in greater detail. As an extension of an undergraduate degree, honours is recognised as a prestigious qualification and develops specific knowledge and skills in your chosen research field as well as working independently, critical reasoning, scientific writing and presentation. An honours degree will prepare you for further postgraduate study, such as a masters and/or PhD. For those interested in academia or a research-based career, honours is the platform to kick start these professions. The skills and knowledge developed throughout an honours degree are highly transferable and are sought by employees and can provide a distinct point of difference in a competitive job market.

Which degrees offer an honours program?

You can choose to undertake honours in the following:

  • Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science in Dentistry (Honours)
How do I apply to study honours?

Honours degrees have two intake periods per year: semester 1 and mid-year.

  • For semester 1 entry you are encouraged to apply by 30 November.
    Note: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) applicants have an early application deadline of 21 October.
  • For mid-year entry you are encouraged to apply by 1 July.
    Note: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) mid-year entry not available.

Contact Professor Amanda Page, Director of Research Education, to discuss how honours can fit your career goals.

The application process varies depending on which degree you are applying for. Choose your desired degree and follow the steps outlined below.

Further information

The University offers scholarships to undergraduate students. These scholarships, as well as many others funded by industry and non-profit organisations, are available to potential and currently enrolled students. 

Are you a current medical student? Students enrolled in the MBBS program at the APSB will need to apply for a leave of absence (request this by emailing med_director@apsb.edu.ky).

Are you currently studying at another university? If you are completing undergraduate studies at another institution, you will need to provide a copy of your academic transcript once your final results are available. 

Closing deadlines and next steps

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours):

  • For semester 1, 2020 entry, applications close on 21 October 2019.

Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Honours), Bachelor of Science in Dentistry (Honours) and Bachelor of Nursing (Honours):

For semester 1 entry, you are strongly encouraged to apply by 30 November (unless a due date is specified). All other applications will continue to be accepted up until mid-January. Please be aware that many scholarship closing dates are earlier than November. 

For mid-year entry, you are strongly encouraged to apply by 1 July, however applications will continue to be accepted up until mid-July.

Once final results for the semester are available (in July or December), Honours Coordinators will finalise their recommendations for honours projects. Successful students will then be emailed with instructions to submit a formal application for admission to the honours degree via a University internal transfer or, for external applicants, via SATAC.