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The Asia Pacific School of Business cooperates with many international banks to provide a wide range of payment solutions for all your education fees. Our omni-channel payment has innovative technology payment functions, which can provide a seamlessly integrated, reliable and secure system to facilitate students' safe payment requirements and convenient payment methods.

Our innovative and secure one-stop payment platform combines multiple payment methods, from China UnionPay, credit card, Alipay and other options. We aim to maximize the merchant’s customer base, reduce their operating costs and increase their transparency. Our customers come from the fields of tourism, aviation, finance and e-commerce.

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         Our services are specifically designed to enable the secure, real-time processing of online credit

         and debit card transactions.  



Nowadays, it is not only possible to use cards to pay for online transactions. All students can choose to pay online. According to your own situation, you can choose a variety of payment methods to complete the payment of related tuition or miscellaneous fees.

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The omni-channel payment port has been opened, please choose a different payment port according to your best payment method

International student payment channel


Chinese student payment channel



Special reminder: When paying or paying tuition fees by any third party, please look for the authorization mark issued by The Asia Pacific School of Business, she will guide you to pay safely and reduce risks.

If these two logos do not exist at the same time, please refuse to pay.

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We pay attention to payment security and protection of personal privacy, please read carefully the "Payment Privacy Security Terms"

If you encounter any payment problems during the payment process, please contact our payment officer: