Online registration system


This form is the first step to enrolling your new student online. Complete it to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure Online Enrollment system.

About the tuition waiver policy, This process is for:

  • Families enrolling their student(s) into The Asia Pacific School of Business for the very first time
  • Students that are requesting a different school other than where they are currently enrolled
  • Students that meet one or more of the following criteria:
  1. Economically Disadvantaged
  2. Limited English Proficiency
  3. Homelessness
  4. Foster care (current or former)
  5. Child of a China or Singapore or Cayman Islands armed forces active duty member or a China or Singapore or Cayman Islands . armed forces member killed/injured during active duty
  6. Dependent child of a Troop Medal or Medal  Award recipient

If your student qualifications are currently registered and you need to register for a higher degree course or other brothers and sisters who have not entered the relevant registration process, please log in and re-provide the relevant honor documents of your current family, visit and find the new student online registration Link. Note: You must be a member of an existing degree or program to complete this process.

NOTE: This form is the first step to enrolling your new student(s) online. A valid and active email address is required. If you do not have a valid and active email address, you will need to acquire one before continuing. Once you have completed and submitted your information below, you will receive an email (please check your Spam/Junk Mail folder) that will contain your login credentials and a link to the New Student Online Enrollment Portal. 

If you don’t know if you are eligible for this tuition exemption, please contact us. We will provide you with better answers and support.