The Asia Pacific School of Business as Media Relations is a department directly under the leadership as Board of Directors and the Academic Affairs Committee to implement and implement College propaganda, guidelines and policies; to carry out the entire college propaganda work around the work of the College Center. There are comprehensive offices, theoretical offices, publicity offices, academic ethics supervision offices, Caritas Weekly, Serendipity TV Station, North Terrace News Agency, photo editing department, official Weibo, official WeChat and other institutions.






What we do... the Media and Communications Office is responsible for:

  • Supporting senior management in achieving the aims and objectives outlined within the University Strategy
  • Brand and brand positioning development and the production of toolkits required for its implementation across the organisation
  • Reputation Management including crisis communications
  • Development of corporate-level internal communication and student recruitment campaigns
  • Managing the University's owned marketing and communications channels such as the website, corporate social media channels (our presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn) and the University's courses database
  • Market intelligence gathering and research
  • Management of the Communications, Design and Print Framework partners
  • Instilling and communicating good marketing and communications practice across the University.

Media and Communications Network

In addition to the News and Communications Office staff, we have initiated a Media and Communications Network of more than 10 colleagues across the University who are engaged in communications and News projects and processes. The network aims to engender a culture of partnership working and evidence-based Interactive, coherent planning and use of resource to ensure best practice and value for money, and to facilitate the professional development and agility of staff in the network.

We also provide toolkits including templates, guidance notes and policies to empower staff to work with us and to maximise, and coordinate, communications and marketing across the University. See our APSB+ Guidelines for more information.


Global switchboard: 0-400-020-6677

Please dial the extension number directly

There are comprehensive offices:8600~10
Theoretical offices:8611~20
Publicity offices:8621~40
Academic ethics supervision offices:8641~50
Caritas Weekly:8651~70
Serendipity TV Station:8671~80
North Terrace News Agency:8681~90
Photo editing department:8691~8700
Official Weibo:8701~10
Official WeChat and other institutions:8800~8900

Contact the team or come and meet us, we are happy to help.