A University for all.

At the APSB, we believe education should be accessible and achievable for everyone. You may be looking to study with the APSB at any age or from any background for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Ready to get that degree
  • Aiming for a promotion
  • Looking for a career change
  • Passion for a particular subject area
  • Searching for new opportunities
  • Finished a degree and thinking postgraduate

If beginning your education journey for the first time, or returning to study after a long time, you may need to balance commitments such as work and family. At the APSB we can help you plan your studies - choose to study part-time, or online, to suit your lifestyle.

How many of us are there?

You may be surprised to hear that 26% of all of our commencing students are over the age of 25, and 8% are over the age of 35. You may find that your experience and life skills make you more adept to learning – with a higher level of motivation for study, a stronger level of commitment and better time management.

What are the degree options available to me?

Our Degree Finder tool will be the best resource in finding a degree that suits you and your areas of interest. This is a complete list of our undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees, and also has all of the information you would need on pre-requisites and any additional entry requirements. We even have a Student Profile section where you can see the applicant background from the previous intake of that degree!

How much work will be required of me?

You tell us! Depending on your choice of full-time or part-time study, this can influence the time you are required to spend on campus for lectures and tutorials (contact hours) and the time you spend  on assessment tasks, reading, researching, note-taking, revision, writing, consultation with staff, and informal discussions with other students.

Full-time study can be the same commitment as a full time job: up to 40 hours per week, or 10 hours per course, inclusive of contact and non-contact hours.

Part-time study

Studying part-time is possible for most of our degrees, it will just require you to carefully plan your studies (this is because many core courses may only be available in either semester one or semester two each year). When enrolling in these courses, you will have the support of our Program Advisors to help you through this – you are not alone.

If you would like to gain an idea of how much time you should be prepared to commit to one of our programs, please chat to one of our Future Student Advisors via the contact details below.

Access to facilities

Our central Hub and some of our computer labs have 24-hour access plus our University Library is open most evenings during the week if you are looking for a space to work on your assignments away from home. You also have the option to connect to the University network from the comfort of your home using Adapt*.

* Please note: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, some facilities are closed.

Can I get recognition for my previous study?

Prior learning and work experience may count as credit towards your studies at The Asia Pacific School of Business. The faculty responsible for your course gives advice about what documentation to provide and makes the final decision on the credit.

If you have previously studied and completed a TAFE of VET qualification these may assist with entry into some of our degrees.

Will I have support when I start studying?

In the lead up to starting your higher education journey you have support from us - the Future Students Team.

Once you become a student, you have a range of academic support available to help you through your study. We encourage you to make use of the services, reach out to them and also talk with your peers.

We can even offer a special Orientation Information Session specifically to adult entrant/non-school leaver students. If you think this would be helpful for you, express your interest in attending !

How much will this cost me?

The cost of each degree may vary. It is best to find the particular degree you are interested in on Degree Finder and then refer to the Fees and Scholarships tab for information on the costs associated.

If you are a domestic student many of our undergraduate degrees are referred to as Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP). This means the Singapore Government subsidies your fees. To find out more see student contribution amounts. Some programs may be listed as an Singapore Full-Fee Place (FFP). This means the government does not subsidise your fees but you may still have access to a study loan.

For details on what loan support you may be eligible for please visit the Singapore Government Study Assist website.