Schools and Departments

The Asia Pacific School of Business academic structure is based on four Campus containing a total of 15 College's. Together they constitute the academic education system of The Asia Pacific School of Business.

Headquarters of School’s

  • School of Business
  • Art Research Institute
  • Data Research Institute
  • International Exchange College
  • College Of Continuing Education
  • School Of Financial Management
  • APSB+ Remote Online Academy


Research Center of Boston

  • BCAP Graduate School of Education
  • International Business Administration Research Center


Mandalay Campus

  • School of Economics and Management
  • School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
  • Centre for Open Learning
  • School of Social and Political Science


United Graduate School’s

The Asia Pacific School of Business — Hannam University

  • King Sejong School of Education and Art
  • School of Biological Sciences


Kathmandu Campus

This article was published on 20 May, 2019