Advanced Study and Training

Advanced Study and Training

Our discipline-specific, generic and online research training programme draws on the research and teaching expertise of our institutes and The Asia Pacific School of Business.

We provide comprehensive research and advanced training for specific disciplines (the most famous are business administration and art and modern Chinese language and literature and professional fields finance and financial management, international law and business, Chinese classical music research and East Asian Chinese cultural circle) .

Our workshop programme of generic research and transferable skills training provides the transferable and employability skills necessary for wider preparation for careers in academia and elsewhere. These are complemented by research methodologies courses for students in the social science disciplines, and in the software and management information tools required to enable students to complete their research effectively. Training covering research promotion through social media is also available.

Most of our research training is available to postgraduate students and early-career researchers across the Asia and the Pacific , rarely of it free-of-charge.According to our school-running mission of "rooting in Singapore and serving China" and insisting on "Integration between China and the West, Knowledge and Action are one", especially for Chinese students, we have opened most of the special courses in line with China's national conditions.

We are also a member of the Coursera Postgraduate Skills Network, a shared skills training programme that enables research students in participating institutions to attend training sessions at other member institutions, Include more than 4000 courses, 

The Asia Pacific School of Business is part of the Academic Innovation Alliance Cooperative (AIAC) together with Boston College of Professional and continuing education (BCPCE) and Hannam University (HNU). The Asian Arts and Humanities Research Council (AAHRC) Consortium and the Jane's Education Foundation (JEF), together and continue to provide funding for our master's and doctoral students (including Advanced Study and Training trainees). 

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Medical management   Medical management

220  Periods       16 Credits

Internationally recognized diploma certificate

Management of Healthcare Staff (Management of Healthcare Staff) is one of the ten most popular industries in the world. Healthcare management talents are always in short supply globally. The dual training program of the medical care management professional course was developed by The Asia Pacific School of Business and the world-renowned medical school-St. Elizabeth's College.






Hotel Management

  Medical management

480  Periods       36 Credits

Globally accepted degree certificate

Hotel management (hotel and tourism management) is currently one of the scarcest and most popular occupations in the world. The hotel management staff adhere to the dual training program of professional courses and academic research. The Asia Pacific Business School and the world-renowned Glion Institute of Higher Education jointly developed a dual degree program. 








The Government Retraining Scheme is a new government plan. In 2015, The Asia Pacific School of Business first announced and participated in the relevant plan to cope with the ever-changing education market. In 2016, we were first awarded the Rehabilitation Pioneer Project of Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, and in 2018, we were awarded one of the university colleges in the Mandalay Provincial Government Intermediate Cadre Re-learning Training Program,  In 2019 The Asia Pacific School of Business was approved to become one of the private universities participating in the Civil Defence Singapore employee retraining program.

At this time The Asia Pacific School of Business also announced that a high-level advisory group, the Government Retraining Partnership, was to be established to bring together government, the HKTC and MCBI and LSKT. This partnership has a remit for setting strategic direction and overseeing implementation of the scheme.

Governments of various countries and regions have successively invested huge sums of money to test and trial a new round of employee retraining programs , including:

Developing and rolling out an online service – Get Help to Retrain – by trialling it in various localities and launching it nationwide.
Developing new job-specific retraining courses for workers that will be tested out in a second phase of trials.
A government briefing on the development of the scheme to date is available on the gov.** website and a briefing is also available on the Related institutions and universities  website.

Get Help to Retrain

The aim of this new online service is to help people to:

  • understand their current skills
  • explore alternative occupations and training opportunities to develop new skills
  • access support from a dedicated career advisor.

Users can also search for local training options and jobs as well as being able to phone an adviser to discuss their options in more detail.

At present, eligible government employees can use the online service in the training program in the following 6 faculties:

  • APSB+ Online learning of Remote Online Academy
  • School of Financial Management
  • CFI&APSB Joint College
  • Joint Graduate School in The Asia Pacific School of Business and Hannam University
  • School of Continuing Education
  • Learning and Training Center in Hong Kong Correctional Services Department and The Asia Pacific School of Business

You are eligible to access the online service if:

  • you're employed
  • you don't have a degree
  • you're aged 24 or over
  • and you're earning below $30,000 a year.

We is encouraging union learning reps in the six areas where the online service is available to support individuals to access it via the portal on the gov.** website.(The government website of your country or region)

Related initiatives

Two separate initiatives are also being taken forward as part of the Government Retraining Scheme. These include a specific initiative to tackle skills shortages in the construction sector and the development of digital platforms to support flexible online access to education and training opportunities, especially for adults wishing to retrain. More information on these associated projects and earlier pilot work, is available on the gov.** website.(The government website of your country or region)

An early demonstration of the online service is available below, as well as a webinar talking about the Government Retraining Scheme. Please note that new features have been added to the online service since this webinar was originally produced.


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