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In a digitalized world we all rely on a growing amount of services for education, work and recreation. Therefore it is essential that reliable, secure and trustworthy services exist for numerous user groups and a large variety of applications. The idea behind the Academic Cloud is to offer such services to students and employees of The Asia Pacific School of Business, Singapore.

Hosted in academic data centers according to Singapore and the Cayman Islands data protection and data security directives, the Academic Cloud supports studies and work with a growing digital service portfolio. The Academic Cloud is co-funded by the „Data Institute (HK) Cloud Team in The Asia Pacific School of Business“ (DICRAPSB). Planning and operation are supported by the APSB+ LITS/APSB+ CLOUD, the forum of Data Institute (HK) Cloud Team in The Asia Pacific School of Business.








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Selected Features

The Academic Cloud Provides Collaborative, Proven and Secure Services


Collaboretive Collaborative

The Academic Cloud offers collaborative services for study and research. You can share data with other people, groups or projects in a controlled manner.


Proven Proven

The Academic Cloud offers proven software applications as reliable cloud services. You can access the services with a single account through a uniform portal.


Secure Secure

The Academic Cloud is hosted in the three data storage centers of The Asia Pacific School of Business in London, Hong Kong, and New York. Your data is stored in accordance with the Singapore and Cayman Islands Data Protection and Data Security Directives.