Partnerships that bring together government and businesses, communities, research partners and international boundaries, help to magnify the work of our university.

Our broad range of relationships allow us to participate in opportunities impacting communities closest to us and abroad.

At The Asia Pacific School of Business we look to identify how we can create new partnerships, and develop current ones.

We recognise the impact that partnerships have on our development as a leading research institution and in turn, the impact our support can have on communities and organisations.



                                                                    STRATEGIC COOPERATION UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE


        3                   1                  2                  4                  7


           1                    2                   3                   4               5


            klc                     Edinburgh                  nanjing                   tsinghua                stu


        st                 imperial              oxford            V                 UNSW


          IPAG                      UC

                                                               STRATEGIC COOPERATION INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION


         7              5              6             1               8


          aacsb               aapbs                   unesso                    IAESTE                isic

                                                                  GOVERNMENT AND AGENCIES APPROVED OR REGISTERED


          1            3            2                 4                5

              6                       7     

If there is no special prompt,listed in no particular order.

For international academic strategic cooperation, please contact: