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We understand the importance of teaching staff to a university or college. The Asia Pacific School of Business upholds the school philosophy of "combines Chinese and western, uphold the unity of knowledge and action" and unswervingly promotes the founding purpose of "Illuminate the virtue to enlighten ambition, cultivate benevolence to act philanthropy".

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"The Asia Pacific School of Business has strong teaching and research staff, nearly 261 faculty members, including 2 academicians, well-known experts, scholars and professors, 16 postdoctoral, 69 Ph.D., 103 master's degree (including specially appointed internationally renowned experts and scholars). The Asia Pacific Business School has the right to grant associate degrees and bachelor's degrees. Its academic status has been approved by the Singapore Council for private education. Its academic credentials have been widely recognized by the society, and credits have been recognized by European and American related institutions."

Prof. Ed.D. Yiyan Jianyin

Deputy Director of Academic Committee , Chairman of the School Council


"I am honored to be a member of The Asia Pacific School of Business because I can get in touch with more international academic experts, professors and scholars and establish contacts through my students. Secondly, compared with overseas teaching (such as the United States, the European Union) The academic atmosphere, educational environment and life here have given me a lot of convenience. Third, The Asia Pacific School of Business provides the highest quality teaching and teaching research management for students in the Asia Pacific region."

Prof. Ed.D. David Alfred

Executive Vice-President & Academic Director , Boston Research Center



"I am honored to join The Asia Pacific School of Business, because I prefer to grow up with the school and have more opportunities to participate in international academic affairs. At the same time, I can make better use of my expertise and let more students get my experience in class, so that they can provide a solid foundation for entering the society in the future. For me, The Asia Pacific School of Business has given me unlimited possibilities and made me take off in education. Therefore, I believe: The Asia Pacific School of Business will get better and better, and will eventually enter a first-class university. I am very fortunate that I am one of them. "

Prof. Ph.D. Pengbo Wan

Vice Chairman and Executive Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs


"The Asia Pacific School of BusinessAPSB has an excellent network with connections to alumni in top positions. At APSB you will be taught by world-class professors from leading schools worldwide. The students here experience perspectives from different top business schools all in one place. We believe that what you choose will determine the excitement of your life. Please start your learning journey, we will give you a good academic environment.”

Prof. Ph.D. Pornpim Nakswasdi

Vice-President & Provost , Mandalay Campus


"I decided to join The Asia Pacific School of Business Advanced MBA course management team, because after working in my family business for 7 years, I feel it is time to go to a university to find new methods and new ideas. The Asia Pacific School of Business gave My opportunity allows me to work and study at the same time."

I will cherish this job in education.

Vice-Prof. M.D. Kim Chongsatitwatana

General secretary & student welfare secretary , Daejeon Campus


"Today’s challenges are very different from those faced when the college was established three to four years ago. I come from an academic background in psychology and I don’t have any teaching experience or academic management skills. However, at The Asia Pacific School of Business, I learned How to become a leader by becoming a team member and working together"

Prof. J.D. Vanly Lin

Academic Director & Deputy Director , Resident Education Office in China


"Here, there are beautiful campuses, knowledgeable scholars, professors, and experts, as well as vigorous scholars. The Asia Pacific School of Business has been inheriting an unparalleled combination of teaching and learning, forward-looking and transformative. , Pioneering business professional courses, join us, you will embrace a better tomorrow."

Prof. Ph.D. Aung Kyaw Moe

Student Minister , School Headquarters


"Our Flagship Executive MBA is created for experienced working professionals. Every Executive MBA participant takes an international residential, and additional optional international residentials if you wish.Executive Education (non-degree programs): including Senior Executive Program (SEP), Focused (open enrollment) Programs, Corporate (in-company) Programs."

Prof. FP.D. Christina Gonzalez

Education Director , Remote Online Academy


"The Asia Pacific School of Business Continuing Education provides a variety of learning models from associate degrees to full-time and part-time graduate students. Including bachelor's degree and administrative diploma. In addition, we have introduced a full range of internationally renowned universities' joint degree programs, including undergraduate to graduate level."

Prof. Ed.D. Roxanne Miller

Chief Academic Officer , School of Continuing Education


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