False academic degree exposure platform

Crack down on academic corruption and a pure academic atmosphere; stick to the academic position and severely punish fraudulent academic qualifications. Only the fair development of academics can create the true meaning of knowledge and explore the truth. Combating academic corruption and academic fraud is to separate knowledge from money, rights and honors, academics and politics, and provide a pure environment for academics.

                        Academic misconduct and false academic qualifications will make you fall into the abyss

Recently, according to relevant data, it was discovered that some institutions or individuals copied the "Graduation Certificate", "Degree Certificate" and "Transcript" issued by the school, misappropriating relevant student numbers, forged false learning experience, and awarded "false" learning. Grant the so-called degree. This kind of behavior seriously violates academic ethics, endangers the consistent purpose of the school, undermines the seriousness and authority of the higher education academic system, and seriously violates the reputation and legal rights of the school. In order to combat such fraud and fraud and prevent employers from being deceived, our school solemnly declares:

1. The school has never authorized or awarded or issued any academic qualifications or degree certificates without real study experience to any unit or individual. The "Graduation Certificate", "Degree Certificate" and "Transcript" issued by our school have multiple physical anti-counterfeiting and big data and WSE(World Storage Education) blockchain storage information verification.

2. The school conducts electronic registration of the issued "Graduation Certificate", "Degree Certificate" and "Transcript", and provides online query. Employers and individuals can check the authenticity of the certificate number and student information on "Student Enquiries Centre in The Asia Pacific School of Business" (Student Enquiries Centre | The Asia Pacific School of Business (apsb.edu.ky). Any degree information that cannot be found on "The Asia Pacific School of Business" is an illegal fake degree.

3. We strongly condemn the forgery of the "Graduation Certificate", "Degree Certificate" and "Transcript" issued by our school, and reserve the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the responsible person in accordance with the law.

Special statement!


                                                                                                              Dean of The Asia Pacific School of Business

                                                                                                                                     April 10, 2018