We have the most professional education service specialists to provide international 24-hour local and global information service support for parents and parents who are interested in understanding the degree setting, professional courses and academic information of The Asia Pacific School of Business. Even if you are in any corner of the earth, you only need to call our 24-hour free information service hotline. Our education service specialists will definitely provide the best service and business support at the first time, and solve various education services Class related issues.
We provide multi-language services and provide different information service channels to enhance our teaching, research and management level and the business capabilities of academic degrees and academic courses. You can choose methods such as telephone, email, or online education service specialist to obtain the information services you need.

Online education service specialist connection channel


Multi-language support, all-weather, uninterrupted information service.

Information for the media
For all general enquiries please contact us on +1 (617) 326 3888 or

Alternatively you can click here to contact a press officer.

Many of our academics have done media work, including TV and radio interviews, and are able to comment on topical issues.

Our finance, art to education, from management to psychology, from music to Buddhism and religion, our research strength covers science, social science, art and humanities. For academic departments, please visit:

If you are looking for an expert, please contact us on +1 (724)363 0111 or and we can help you find the right person for your enquiry.

Media Suite
Our academics are available for interview via a down-the-line broadcast quality TV facility provided by Global-AP, and a broadcast quality APISDN radio line.

The facilities are housed in the Media Suite, Publicity Centre. To check availability and make a booking, please contact the Communications Team on +852-8191 5588 or e mail

For all enquiries please contact the News and Communications Office:

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00(Working hours applicable to the country and time zone)
China (include from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province, and Southern Tibet “Arunachal Pradesh illegally controlled by India” ):
East Asia (including Japan and South Korea):
South Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand and other regions):
European Union (including the United Kingdom and European countries and regions):
North America (including the United States, Canada and South American countries and regions):
Alternatively you can contact an individual member of the team here.
Out of hours for emergency situations only +852-81915588