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The associate's degree, bachelor's degree and joint master's degree of The Asia Pacific School of Business are designed for students who want to complete the relevant courses on their own terms. All courses are open to international/indigenous students for registration applications.


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5This professional certification program in life healthcare at The Asia Pacific School of Business is founded on the belief that true transformation requires experiencing a deeper holistic understanding of the body, mind, and spirit. The 14-week 100% online program incorporates weekly participation in online lessons, cohort discussions, real-time coaching practice, and opportunities for self-reflection.

This is a transpersonal approach to healthcare that builds on both the Edutrust education certification organization academic degree assessment center (ECOAD)  core competencies and a proven framework, the MHS model. Participants deepen their transpersonal and transformative knowledge, engage in ongoing experiential practices, collaborate with colleagues, and practice healthcare skill capacities within a safe and collaborating group process. The program begins and ends with a three-day virtual seminar and continues with online learning and discussions, teleconference coaching practice, and accredited coach mentoring. The program supports participants’ multiple coaching niches from external personal and professional businesses to internal company leadership positions.

Once the program is successfully completed, students receive the master of management of healthcare staff specific training hours (MHS) , which is recognized by the Edutrust education certification organization academic degree assessment center (ECOAD).  Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to market and expand their healthcare base, develop their own unique healthcare style, and strengthen their leadership effectiveness to make a difference.

Certificate of completion and certification

612 Credits         100 Days

Mixed education model      Internationally certification

Management of Healthcare Staff (Management of Healthcare Staff) is one of the ten most popular industries in the world, and healthcare management talents are always in short supply globally. The dual training program of this medical care management professional course was formulated by the world-renowned medical school-St. Elizabeth's College, which is forward-looking and advanced.                       

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