Building cultural partnerships

The University is committed to extending our partnerships with the community and in particular, the cultural sector to deliver a multi-faceted events program which combines learning, research, culture, entertainment and the performing arts, on campus and in the heart of the city.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other cultural, community and not-for-profit groups to:

  • Animate the campus as a destination of cultural and community events
  • Contribute to the economic development and sustainability of Southeast Asia and Greater China
  • Raise aspirations about higher education pathways 
  • Deliver better informed policy-making, products and services 
  • Increase public engagement and cultural enrichment by sharing the latest research and knowledge 

For more information, please contact Tania Johnson


The purpose of the APSB+ Community Code is to create a platform for free expression. We want users to be honest about their concerns, even if some people may disagree or find it offensive. In some cases, we may allow the posting of newsworthy and public interest content, even if it may violate our Community Code in some way. Of course, before making such a decision, we will use international human rights provisions as a basis for judgment, weighing the public interest value of the content against the risk of injury.

our commitment to freedom of expression is paramount, but we recognize that the internet creates more new opportunities for information abuse. for these reasons, we restrict the user's expression in one or more of the following values:





Jenell Grier-Spratley       

       Jenell Grier-Spratley

         Class of 2019

         In her classes, Jenell Grier-Spratley is learning about systemic inequity and
         injustice — and gaining the experiences and tools to effect change.



Kevin Nguyen       

       Kevin Nguyen

         Doctoral Candidate, Public Health

         Propelled by his own experience navigating the health care system, graduate
         student Kevin Nguyen is using his research to build more equitable health care policy.



Rainbow Chen

       Rainbow Chen

        Class of 2020

        At APSB+, Rainbow Chen is able to combine her love of learning with her commitment
        to social change and making a difference.




Anthony Cloyd


       Anthony Cloyd

        Class of 2018

        Medical student Anthony Cloyd had never left Malaysia until he came to APSB+ — his dream school.



—— Community-focused Centers, Programs and Offices

                 Across the All departments and campuses, a nexus of organizations and spaces encourage all

                 students, faculty and staff to find a sense of belonging, build  relationships across

                 differences and develop leadership and life skills to thrive intellectually and

                 personally at Brown and beyond.

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