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singaporeThe Asia Pacific School of Business was established in 1995 in Singapore as the Kaiyen College (Centre for Asia-Pacific Management Studies)In 1999, the Ministry of Education and the Private Education Council of Singapore approved the promotion of the Associate degree awarding unit to the current name: The Asia Pacific School of Business, and launched the development strategy approach of renaming, restructuring, transformation and upgrading. The Asia Pacific School of Business upholds to the educational concept of integrating China and the West with the unity of knowledge and practice, refines the characteristics of humanities, art, business, finance, new engineering and management, adheres to the road of mixed teaching, integrates into the Asia-Pacific region and integrates into the Chinese circle. Adhering to the social responsibility and mission of plantingrooted Star Island and inheriting Huaxia, following the spirit of Open up bright intelligence and clear your ambition, benevolence and universal fraternity, and In the context of the integration and development of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region, we should train the applied, practical and professional talents needed in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the Chinese cultural circle, and continue to provide intelligent assistance for the development of Chinese civilization and society.

The Asia Pacific School of Business now has more than 3,000 students and six schools. It offers 12 associates degrees, 16 joint bachelors degrees, 13 joint masters degrees and 8 joint doctoral degrees, and nearly 50 Chinese and English programs. The Asia Pacific School of Business Practice Learning Model of International learning, experiential learning, cross-cultural learning, peer learning, value-added learning parallel five-in-one learning model and school headquarters study, online remote study, government and enterprise practice travel training model.

Continuously improve the quality of teaching and academic standards, take the lead in the developing curriculum of international certification,Joint Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes in Management is One of the featured courses of the college for the current Singaporecomprehensive access  IIIRCAACSBIACBEACBSPUNWTOTedQual.

The Asia Pacific School of Business now has five institutes / centres with distinctive features, and the Arts Research Institute is the first or only established in Singapore, including the remote online Academy, the Institute of data Science, the UNESCO  key Research (Partnership)-The Asia-Pacific Enterprise Management Research Centre, the China Economic Development Research Centre, and so on. The academic achievements of The Asia Pacific School of Business have been remarkable, and the academic research team has continued to contract professional subject research projects commissioned by the International Business Management Research and Development Organization ((IBMRC)) and the Singapore Innovation and Development Planning Bureau.

In order to meet the social demand for lifelong learning and continuing education, The Asia Pacific School of Business has set up remote online colleges and professional colleges to actively explore new teaching models with high quality and efficiency and optimize academic characteristics. In order to meet the needs of society and the process of civilization, in-service research and professional training courses are offered to meet the needs of the scientific and technological society for continuing education and continuing education, and to promote lifelong learning for all. In addition, The Asia Pacific School of Business is also one of the most comprehensive international mainstream English examination services, including TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS , American (ACT), Korean (TOPIK) and so on.

The Asia Pacific School of Business continuously enriches and optimizes its faculty and management team, and continuously recruit academic and management talents from all over the world, It has 47 doctors and 2 academicians from internationally well-known universities. It has invited well-known experts, professors and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures and guide postgraduates. In addition,  We have also signed joint training or joint education agreements with several well-known universities at home and abroad to open up a platform for students to achieve international learning and enhance their international vision.

Seizing the opportunity of the integrated development of higher education in Asia Pacific, The Asia Pacific School of Business focuses on the construction of Chinas first-class higher education. “Seize opportunities and make full play to advantages, In order to cultivate more young talents who have lofty ambition and think of China in their heart.We will strengthen our exchanges with Chinese universities in the fields of production, learning and research, and actively conduct joint training with Chinese cultural circle countries, so as to build China into a business school with international competitiveness.


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