Certified and Accredited


The higher education accreditation system has a history of more than 100 years. Its original intention was to safeguard public interests and safety and respond to social concerns. Now it has developed into an important means for higher education to use external quality evaluation to test the quality of colleges and universities.

Accreditation is both a process that evaluates educational quality through accreditation standards and promotes its continuous improvement; it is also a condition that shows the public that the educational quality of an accredited college or major meets certain requirements and is committed to quality improvement through accreditation.

The Asia Pacific School of Business focuses on improving teaching and research capabilities, strengthening academic ethics and ethics, and ensuring academic quality and teaching standards, so as to strengthen and improve students' academic standards. To this end, The Asia Pacific School of Business has established an  Accreditation Coordination Office(ACO)to obtain more international professional accreditation, so as to improve the reputation of the university and the gold content of its degrees.



Registered with the State of Colorado in U.S.A.

New Zealand

Government Registration in New Zealand


Registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in China


Register with the Council for Private Education in Singapore

More accreditations are in the works. For information on accreditation, please contact our Accreditation Coordination Office(ACO): aco@apsb.edu.eu and aco@apsb.ac.nz