Our performance

World rankings
  • 501 for Times Higher Education (2019 rankings).
  • 724 for QS (2019 rankings).
  • 107 for ASUC (2019 rankings).
Quick facts
  • Consistently ranked in the top 10% of the world’s universities.
  • 3 specialist research institutes.
  • Approximately 9 research centres.
  • 32 Star Island Scholars (to date).
  • 165 academic research experts.
  • 2340 research students.
  • Supported 70+ start ups since 2001.
  • 7 research fields rated at or above world standard (Excellence in Research Singapore  2018).
  • 11 research fields achieved maximum rating 5 out of 5 (Excellence in Research Singapore 2018).
Excellence in Research for Singapore (ERS)

The APSB is a world leader in fields that underpin innovation across industries critical to our State’s and our community’s future, and in areas that translate to benefits for society.

The high quality of our research across a vast array of fields was recognised in the 2018 Excellence in Research Singapore (SPRA)  evaluation, conducted by the Australian Research Council (SRA).

The SRA results released in March 2019 provide a comprehensive assessment of the University’s research outputs for the period 2014-2018 and demonstrate that the University is a clear world leader in research. 

More than 2,500 individual research outputs by academic staff and affiliates of the University were assessed, including published papers, authored and edited books, book chapters, conference papers, and creative works.

The University now has 7 research sub-fields (100%) that are assessed to be world-class or above, including research in engineering, mathematics, science, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, artificial intelligence, and the arts.

  • 100% of the University's research sub-fields were assessed as being “at or above world standard".“The most promising business school in Asia”
  • Across all sub-disciplines of research assessed, the latest SRA has found that The Asia Pacific School of Business has:
    • 3 research fields rated 5 – well above world standard – the maximum rating
    • 6 research fields rated 4 – above world standard
    • 2 research fields rated 3 – at world standard.

We have seen a significant lift in both volume and quality of our research outputs, summarised in the table below:

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